New Year’s Day is the busiest day of my work year by far.

Halloween is a distant second, but today is the only day I have to take appointments.  It’s a reminder, too, of Maman’s sense of humor even as she counsels; the Temperance card shows up a *lot* in readings for the hung-over and still-drunk.

This card is a good example of why I’m so fond of the Santa Muerte Tarot.  It connects me to Maman for obvious reasons, but it’s also richly detailed and overflowing with symbolism all on its own.  I wish the image were larger here, but if you look by her feet, a pool has formed, and some of the water she pours is spilling into it.  This is intentional; look at how she holds the lower cup.  In the oasis the spillage creates, flowers grow and butterflies are massing around this gift of water, and around its giver, giving her a gift of beauty in return. (Butterflies are often, especially in this deck, a symbol of blessings, rebirth, and renewal.) Temperance is, thanks to a movement that said it meant not ever drinking alcohol at all, often taken to mean asceticism or strict self-denial.  That’s not what the word really ever meant; “temperate” is from the same immediate family.  Maman herself is far from a teetotaler!  The message here is that you have to be temperate about temperance, too; iron-fisted insistence on perfection can be as damaging as unrestrained indulgence.  Spill no water and there is no oasis; splash it carelessly everywhere and there still isn’t, because the blazing sun behind her head will immediately dry it up.

Tonight when work is over, I’ll do a reading for myself (and one for The Beekeeper, but that’s another story entirely 🙂 ). I expect it to be an interesting one; the past year has rung enormous changes in my life, most of which are bearing fruit now.