Stitchku #2

I told a painter friend that I like daisies. He turned up for lunch a couple of days later with a huge painting of one for me.

The daisy looks a lot more like mouse-ear chickweed to me, but I doubt that’s going to be a common observation. 🙂

I’m envisioning a wall of these — all smalls in a funky mix of whatever frames work, from stash and free charts as much as I possibly can. I’ve already found half a dozen. The cloth won’t be stash because I keep almost none (pieces from oversized pre-cut lengths, which this is), but I have more than enough floss to mess with.

I was inspired by doing the first one, and even more inspired by The Beekeeper’s response to it. There isn’t much that feels better than “You made this for me?” followed by “Wait, you wrote this, too?” and the hunt for a hammer and a nail. That’s just the best.

The chart comes from Cross Stitch Collection; the poem is my work.

Written: December 2018