WIP: Mini Maman Brigitte

Maman has watched over me most of my adult life even though I’m not an initiate, always more intensely present here in one of her strongholds, but never entirely absent no matter how far I’ve roamed.  Where it was more natural for her to do, she appeared as Brighid, but they’re only two aspects of one being.  In either guise, she’s been a strong protective, teaching, and supportive force in my life.

She oversees my tarot readings — as Kuan Yin does my I Ching readings — especially since I started using the Santa Muerte deck; that one belongs to Maman without question.  She tends toward loving but very pragmatic and blunt advice, which doesn’t always make the tourists happy, but has made me increasingly popular with locals who take their tarot seriously.  I’m honored by and grateful for that gift.

I’ve had this project in stash for quite some time; I was worried about starting it because it was always my intention that it and the work that goes into it be in her honor, but I’d heard a lot of negative stuff about the mini charts and lack of detail.  Concern over putting in a lot of work and then finding out it wasn’t worthy was enough to keep me from starting for nearly a year.  I had some concerns since starting it, too; that’s why part of her face is done out of turn.  I decided to get down to business and see if this was a waste of time and effort before too much went in.  I decided (obviously) that it is worth what’s going into it.  (You can see my progress to this point on my Instagram account.)