Stitchku #3

The pomegranate has come to have great personal meaning to me as a symbol over the past year or so.  My Chiron return (which is into my natal Sun sign just for extra chaos) and my croning hit very much together, and I found myself watching as many of the skins and labels I’ve worn throughout my life fell away.  It was sometimes a relief, sometimes deeply painful, but never easy.  I found myself wondering as more and more skins fell away if there was going to be anything at all left when the process was over.

That was when Kali came to me in a dream, holding an onion in one hand and a pomegranate in the other, and said I was going to find out which I am — made all of skins, or bursting with fruit when the skin is peeled away. That image has come back to me time and again as I’ve struggled to find first the answer and then what I’m going to do with that information.

This is the quickest project I’ve done in some time, about 4 hours from first to last stitch.  I’m really pleased with how this one came out, especially with the blackwork, which I always enjoy doing.

The blackwork pattern came from somewhere on the internet; I couldn’t find any provenance for it.  If anyone knows, I’d like to give due credit.  The poem is my work.

Written: January 2019

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